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Master Eco

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Product Description

Master Eco is prtable,small-sized,fast milk analyzer with capability for power supplyfrom car battery.The milk analyzeris suitable for use in small farms and milk collecting centres.The power supply used,ensures the stable work of the device in case of voltage variiations in range of 100 to 260 Vlts. The smal size of Master Eco allows it’s usage in field conditions.
Ultrasonic Technology
Very small quantity of milk
Memory for 50 measurements
Peristaltic pump
pH (option)
Self calibration without computer
Low power consumption
1 x RS232 connection
1xUSB connection to PC
ESC POS Printer Support
Built-in keypad
Large graphic display
Built-in keypad
One year full warranty
Clock (time and date)
No acid or other chemicals are used

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Milkotester Ltd.
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