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Master Level Gage

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Weifang Hua Guang Digital Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the famous China master level gage manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, we are able to offer you good quality and stable master level gage, welcome to contact our factory.Master level Product Description1. ApplicationThe optical composite image level is widely used in measuring the gradients of flat surface and cylindrical surface to horizontal direction; The plane ness and straightness of slideway or base of machine tool or optical mechanical instrument as well as the correctness of installing position of equipment.2. Technical data(1) each graduation value: ...0.01mm/m(2) max measuring range: ...0~10mm/m(3) allowance: ..1mm/within one meter... 0.01mm/mWithin full measuring range...0.02mm/m(4) plane deviation on working surface...0.0003mm/m(5) each graduation value of the spirit level...0.1mm/m(6) working surface (LW): ...165 48mm(7) net weight of the instrument: ...2kgs.3. Structure of the instrument:The composite image level mainly consists of the following parts such as micro adjusting screw, nut, graduated disc, spirit level, prism, magnifying glass, lever as well as base with plain and v working surface.4. Working principle:The composite image level uses prism to get the air bubble images in the spirit level composite and magnified to enhance reading accuracy and uses lever and micro screw transmitting system to enhance reading sensibility. Therefore if the work piece with a gradient of 0.01mm/m, it can be accurately read in the composite image level(the spirit level in the composite image level mainly plays the role of indicating zero).5. Operating method:Place the composite image level on the working surface of the measuring work piece and the gradient of the measuring workpiece causes uncoincide of the tow air bubble images; Rotate the graduated disc till the tow air bubble images coincide and reading can be got immediately. The actual gradient of the measuring workpiece can be calculated by the following formula:Actual gradient=gradient value Fulcrum distance Disc readingFox example: Disc reading: 5 gradients; As this composite image level is foxed with its gradient value and fulcrum distance, that is gradient value: 0.01mm/m and fulcrum distance: 165mm.So: Actual gradient=165mm 5 0.01/1000=0.00825mm6. Operation notice:(1) before use, clean away the oil dust with gasoline and then clean with absorbent gauze.(2) Temperature change has great influence on instrument and therefore it must be separated with heat source to avoid error.(3) During measuring, rotate the graduated disc till the tow air bubble images completely coincides and then the readings on both positive and negative directions can be taken.(4) If the instrument is found with in correct zero position, it may be adjusted; Put the instrument on a stable table and rotate the graduated disc to set the tow air bubble images coincide to get first reading a; Then turn the instrument by 180o and put back to its original place. Ra-rotate the graduated disc to get the tow air bubbles coincide to get the second reading b. So 1/2 (α +β ) is the zero deviation of the instrument. Loosen the three supporting screws on the graduated disc and press lightly by hand the embossed adjusting cap; Rotate the disc by 1/2 (α +β) to get the zero deviation and the point line composite; At last fasten the screws.(5) After work, the working surface of the instrument must be cleaned and coated with acid free, anhydrous, antirust oil and antirust paper; Put it into wooden box and then store it in a clean dry place.

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