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Maternity Pads Without Wings

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Maternity Pads without WingsMaternity towels are essential for monitoring your progress after giving birth. Normal sanitary pads are not suitable as they may hide signs of a possible infection. Our maternity towels are specially designed to provide maximum protection. Simply peel off the backing tape and press the towel firmly to your briefs. Please wrap used products securely and dispose of in a waste bin. Features: 1.Natural materials to prevent infection.2.Fast absorption and light texture leaves skin feeling soft and comfortable to relieve the pain after giving birth.3.Ultra thin, soft, subtle, fast absorbent, breathable, natural dry.4.Cooling comfortable as cambric and a must as your health companion.5.Same weight for each pad to observe your progress after giving birth.Size: 280mm,290mm,320mm, 350mm,410mm,etc.Structure:1.Cotton surface:Soft and hydrophilic, for liquid to penetrate through surface.2.Tissue: provides 360 degree protection.Japanese SAP absorbs and locks liquid in. Up to 400ml absorption, can be customized. American Pulp assists for better absorption.3.PE backsheet:Water-proof and leakage-proof.4.Strong adhesive at back, with release paper. Keep the maternity pad onto panties and firmly in place without movement. OEM/ODM services: -Style, color, size, weight and material can be customized as per your order.-Competitive and favorable price absolutely meets customers’ requirements.-Good reputation in trading credit, product quality and after-sales service from our clients all over the world.-Package can be designed as perfect as customers’ demands and printed with customers' brand name and logo.-OEM orders are welcome; private label is available.

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