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Maxi Sanitary Napkins

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Product Description
Maxi Sanitary NapkinsFeatures: 1.Protection for medium to heavy flow days. Maximum absorbency. 2.Individually wrapped for exceptional convenience, cleanliness and discretion. 3.Strong adhesive to hold the pad securely.4.Natural comfortable fit. Surface dryness. New soft weave topsheet quickens absorbency rate without left overs on the surface, keeping you always fresh and dry. 5.Super breathable backsheet quickly evacuates the dampness and enhances your comfort.6.Seven layer protection complexing scientifically all function materials quicken the absorbility, with flex to the natural curve of your panties to hold the pad in place for your comfort. Size: 240mm,280mm,320mm, etc.Packing:Can be tri-folded or straight pads. As per customer preference/requirements. Raw Materials:Non-woven (hot wind,perforated,etc.), Perforated Film, American Fluff Pulp, Airlaid Paper, Japanese SAP, PE backsheet film, Hotmelt Adhesive, Silicon Paper, etc.Delivery Lead Time: a. approx.30 days for first ordersb. approx.20 days for re-orders.Remark: OEM & ODM services are welcomed. Raw materials,SAP & pulp quantities, cartoon designs, packing configurations, etc. are adjustable as per clients requests and market demands. Please contact our sales persons for more discussion.

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