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Mc1630 Mdf Laser Cutting Machine

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Jinan Maidun Cnc Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the leading mc1630 mdf laser cutting machine manufacturers China and factory, welcome to buy high-quality and newest mc1630 mdf laser cutting machine from our factory.a.professional flexible laser head,move more fast,easily to change the lens and focus distance b.RECI laser tube,has more long service life(over 8000 hours),stable laser beam,is the best laser tube in China.c.RUDIA control panel,specialize in English,easy to operate.d.RUIDA control card,work with the panel,very stable control the whole machine.e.Professional laser supply,work with the laser tube,provide the stable Voltage.f.Blade work table,made from black aluminum,avoid rusting.specialize for wood,acrylic,plastic.etc hard materials.g.High precision step motor,could keep high precision and provide more fast speed.h.Driver,work together with the motor,very stable and high efficiency.i.HIWIN square guild, the best guild for the machine, could keep high precision for long term.j.FULONG belt,the the best belt for the machine, has long time service life,no problem for 5 years at least.k.Professional focus lens import from Singapore.can do maximum possible focus laser.l.Professional reflect mirror also import from Singapore,could reflect the laser do maximum possible.m.Switch power supply,help provide the stable Voltage for motor, driver, and control system.n.Limit.limit the range of the laser head,protect the head and guild.o.Filter,to stabilize the electric current,protect the machine.Auxiliary accessories a.water pump,use water to cool the laser tube b.exhaust fan,help to clean the dust smoke.c.air pump,blow air to clean the dust smoke and cool the focus lens.d.tool box,help to maintain the machine and change the lens and mirrors.

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