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Mc1630 Plywood Cutting Machine

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Jinan Maidun Cnc Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the leading mc1630 plywood cutting machine manufacturers China and factory, welcome to buy high-quality and newest mc1630 plywood cutting machine from our factory.MC-1630 Auto feeding laser cutting machineCNC system optimize processing path automatically, could equip intellectualized typesetting software, save materials and reduce cost. And could equip double heads movable, realize odd number cutting, improved the working efficiency. More details configurationa.Professional focus lens import from Singapore.can do maximum possible focus laser.b.Laser tube:RECI laser tube,provide stable laser and long service life.c.Switch power supply:help provide the stable Voltage for motor, driver, and control system.d.Laser head:professional two high precision laser head import from Korea.e.High precision step motor,could keep high precision and provide more fast speed.f.Driver:work together with the motor,very stable and high efficiency. g.Control panel:professional English control panel.very easy to operate.h. Adopt crawler-type worktable with feeding system, could realiza automatic continuously cuttingi. High speed inner sliding rail, cutting fast, with the function of good automatic sewing, improved the work efficiency greatly;J.FULO belt and chain:the best belt in China, chain protect the lines.k.Switch power supply:help provide the stable Voltage for motor, driver, and control system.l.Control card:work with the panel,very stable control the whole machine.m.Automatically rectifying deviation system: with function of rectify deviation,solved the defect of diviation in long time cutting work.

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