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Mc1810 Fabric Machine

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Jinan Maidun Cnc Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the leading mc1810 fabric machine manufacturers China and factory, welcome to buy high-quality and newest mc1810 fabric machine from our factory.MC-1810 Auto feeding laser cutting machinePrecision cutting various software materials within 1600mm/1800mm, laser thermal processing, cutting edge is very smooth, without fringed edge, high quality, with automatic sewing effect.More details configurations:a.Professional focus lens import from Singapore.can do maximum possible focus laser.b.Laser tube:RECI laser tube,provide stable laser and long service life.c.Switch power supply:help provide the stable Voltage for motor, driver, and control system.d.Laser head:professional two high precision laser head import from Korea.e.High precision step motor,could keep high precision and provide more fast speed.f.Driver:work together with the motor,very stable and high efficiency. g.Control panel:professional English control panel.very easy to operate.h. Adopt crawler-type worktable with feeding system, could realiza automatic continuously cuttingi. High speed inner sliding rail, cutting fast, with the function of good automatic sewing, improved the work efficiency greatly;J.FULO belt and chain:the best belt in China, chain protect the lines.k.Switch power supply:help provide the stable Voltage for motor, driver, and control system.l.Control card:work with the panel,very stable control the whole machine.m.Automatically rectifying deviation system: with function of rectify deviation,solved the defect of diviation in long time cutting work.

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