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Measuring Transducer EP2720

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Product Description
Measuring transducer EP2720 is designed for functional transformation dc input signals (4-20 mA) or (0-5) mA output signal to a standardized DC dependence determined by the formula: where Iout (IE) - the current value of the output, respectively (input) signal Iout min (IE min) - the initial limit, respectively, the output (input) of the current ?Ivyh (?Ivh) - the range of variation respectively output (input) of the current Features: Transducer has: • Built-in DC voltage source to power the sensor voltage of 24V • Switchboard performance and is designed for flush mounting in a panel cut-out • High reliability and stability of the readings • resistant to adverse environmental effects Specifications: Accuracy class of the inverter when the input signal changes from 2 to 15% 0.5 from 16 to 100% 0.25 Load resistance, ohms, not more than 2.5 The nominal value of the output voltage to power the sensor, V 24 Tolerance output voltage of 24 V,% ± 0,5 Class stabilization 0.5 Short-circuit current, mA, not more than 15 Tripping current output voltage overload, mA, not more than 60 Operating temperature range, ° C 5 ... 50 Powered by AC voltage, V 220 (+22, -33) frequency 50 Hz ± 1 Power consumption, W, not more than 14 Average service life, years, not less than 15 Mass of power, kg, not more than 3.5 Overall dimensions of the transducer, mm, not more 362h160h80

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