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Meat Bone Meal

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Meat and Bone Meal Common names Meat meal,Website:, Bone meal, MBMProducing process: The raw materials of meat and bone meal are mainly from by-products of pigs, cattle and sheep in slaughterhouse, whose main components are residual bone, skin, fat, offal, meat after the removal of edible part. Product Description: Using advanced equipment, scientificly processing, high temperature sterilization, to make the organic more easily absorbed by decomposition of long-chain to short-chain, greatly improving the palatability of animals and the absorption rate. Features: 1. Colors: Filemot; 2. High energy, high content of protein; 3. Rich in vitamins and potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc and other trace elements; 4. Strong attractant to animals: Thick aroma, induce animals to eat; 5. High security: Fresh raw materials, without corruption and modification, and several times of high tempreture processing, which can kill harmful bacteria effectively; 6. High-absorbing rate: After entrance to the industry, the raw materials are sorting out of the skin, fur, hoof, horns, blood and other debris; 7. Reducing the cost: Low rice, good source of high-quality protein, and can replace part of fishmeal and soybean meal, can reduce feed costs, and can effectively improve the quality of the product. Usage:Aquatic products, pet, poultry, livestock, fox, sable, badger-like and so onSpecification: Items Index Moisture10%MaxProtein50%MinFibre4%MaxFat9%MaxCalcium8%MinPhosphorus4%MinAsh30%MaxRaw materials:100% fresh meat. Capacity:3000mt/month. Delivery time: Usually within 15working days upon receipt of the deposit. Min Order Quantity: 20MT in one 20FCL. Packing: 25kg or 50kg PP woven or paper bags and we can also do as your requirement.

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