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Mechanised Roof Supports Series 2ÎÌÒ01

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Product Description
Mechanised roof supports series 2ÎÌÒ01 and 2ÎÌÒ41 are representatives of roof supports family 2OMT are intended for operation together shearer and AFC on seams with thickness between 1,4 to 3,0 m (2ÎÌÒ01) and 1,4 to 3,5 m (2ÎÌÒ41) with inclines of up to 25 ° along and up to 10 ° across, with pressure high roofs. Roof support 2ÎÌÒ01 consists of four-legged sections with canopies rigid or hinged tip; rear shield is connected to the base by one-lever system of direct and cross-section stability. Roof support 2ÎÌÒ41 consistsof four-legged sections with 4-linkconnection with the rear shield and canopy, rigid or hinged tip (on seams with thickness over 2,5 m the supports are equipped with face support mechanism).

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