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Medical Casters

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Medical Casters Products DescriptionMedical casters in order to meet the requirement of the hospital professional requirement, Casters must be running lightweight, flexible steering, elastic, special ultra quiet, wear-resistant, anti winding and chemical corrosion resistance and other characteristics, special casters. Medical casters  divided to be light duty casters (chrome circular support in rod chloroprene rubber wheels, chrome plated support empty core rivet chloroprene rubber wheels), metal bracket casters (stem type, empty core rivet type), STO class full plastic bracket casters ( Swivel / Rigid type, screw type, screw type stainless steel, in rod type), CPT Medical Casters (economic wire rod, wire rod, Swivel / Rigid type, in rod type) and control casters and medical double brake casters, a full range to meet the requirements of a variety of medical environment.Specification:Wheel MaterialsWheel Dia.(Inch)Wheel Width(MM)Overall Height(MM)BearingLoading Capacity(KGS)Thread length onPlate(MM)TPR332120Double Bearing120M12*30432148Double Bearing148M12*30532178Double Bearing178M12*30

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