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Medium-duty Trucks 4õ4 “Sadko” And “Zemlyak”

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GAZ-3308 «Sadko» MDT Sadko is famous for its unique off-road abilities. Best in class off-road capabilities and easy maintenance make these vehicles the best choice for using as a special purpose vehicles. You can operate the vehicle on all types of roads, off-the-road and river line. These unique off-road capabilities are achieved due to high drawbar and dynamic indexes, exessive friction inter-wheel differentials, single-tire front and rear wheels and tires pressure control system. GAZ-33086 “Zemlyak” MDT Zemlyak strikes a balance between great four-wheel drive capabilities with high lifting capacity. Double-tire wheels allow firm freighting of cargos up to 4 tons off road without overweighting the axle. Zemlyak is able to cope with any task that you throw at him.

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