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Medium Voltage Fill Shield Power Cable

Product Description

Conductor: Solid or Class B compressed concentric lay stranded 1350 aluminum meeting the requirements of ANSI/ICEA S-97-682.
Conductor Shield: Extruded semi-conducting thermosetting polymeric stress control layer.
Insulation: Extruded Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) Class II and III as defined in ANSI/ICEA S-97-682.
Insulation Shield: Extruded semi-conducting thermosetting layer, clean and free stripping from insulation.
Copper Wire Shield: Helically applied annealed solid bare copper wires with a lapped non-metallic tape serving as a binder/separator.
Jacket: Black, non-conducting, sunlight-resistant (PVC) or LLDPE.

Triple-extruded for clean interfaces 
Flexibility for easy handling 
Excellent moisture resistance 
High dielectric strength 
Low dielectric loss 
Excellent resistance to water treeing 
Clean-stripping insulation shield without the use of a release agent 
Standard: ANSI/ ICEA S-97-682 and AEIC CS8

Medium Voltage Fill Shield Power Cables are intended for use in dry or wet locations for distribution of three-phase medium-voltage power. Because it's filled with shield, these medium voltage cables may be installed in ducts or direct buried. 

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