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Mesh Belt Type Continuous Furnace

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Smelting categories: noProduction: noPower consumption: noDetailed description:Mesh belt furnace:Application: mainly used in steel brazing under the protective gas and powder metallurgy sintering.Complete range: furnace and electric control cabinet, the gas generatorMesh belt furnaceTypeRatedPower KwTemper-ature ℃ RatedVoltage VHeat-ingAreaNo.Workingplace size mmShape size  mmSpeed of mesh belt mm/minProtec-tive gasConsumption ofgas m3/hRCWE12-606011503N-1803220*2600*19012000*2000*124035~350NH3 20RCWE12-1201205300*3000*18014000*2030*1350110~110030RCWE12-2902905600*6800*17025000*1848*1792110~110050Mesh belt quenching furnaceThe equipment can be divided into the feeding table, heating furnace, cooling discharging machine, mesh belt transmission mechanism, heating system, electric control system, protective atmosphere system.Application: it is suitable for batch production of medium and small mechanical parts, such as standard fasteners, bearings, drive chain, etc. In the protective gas, it can be used for heat treatment, such as carburizing, carbonitriding, the bright quenching, and tempering.  Complete range: furnace, electric control cabinet, the gas generator.

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