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Metallic Powder Coating

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A1080006M Technical data sheet The data is checked on 0.7mm thickness chromating aluminium panel. Actual product performance may have some difference due to different process ,different pretreatment.Test itemsTest standardTechnical specificationTest resultPowder appearanceVisualLoose, No lumpingLoose, No lumpingPSDISO 8130-13< 12 μm: 8 - 10 %< 12 μm:7 - 10 %< 32 μm: 30 - 40 %< 32 μm: 30 - 40 %< 122 μm: 99 -100 %< 122 μm:100 %Film appearanceVisualSmoothSmoothFilm colorVisualVisual closeVisual OKGloss(600)ISO 2813Visual closeVisual OKFilm thickness\ISO 236060 -80μm60~80μmAdhesionISO 24091mm, 0 level0 levelPencil hardnessASTM D-3363H~2HHImpact(20inch.lbs)ASTM D-2794no coating crackPassBending testISO 1519≤5mmPassSalt spray testIS0 9227max. corrosion 1mmmax. corrosion 1mm(1000 hrs)Humidity testASTM D-2247max. blistering 1mmmax. blistering 1mm(1000 hrs)AcceleratedISO 113411000hrs gloss retentionPassweathering>50%Disclaimer:Product data sheet is updated periodically, the latest information and provide the relevant properties of the product. Please use our new version product data sheet. Product data sheet recommendations for the use of our products are based upon experience and in accordance with present technological standards, These are given in order to help customers; however, because the difference of method and process of different customers, lead to some uncertain and uncontrollable factor, ALD company does not undertakeany obligation to the final result, also not as supplementary commitment of the purchase agreement. Please verify the product adaptability before using this product

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