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Micro Fine Pole Magnetic Chucks

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Product Description
Micro-Fine Pole Magnetic ChucksApplicationSuitable for grinding thin, thick and small workpieces. Since these chucks can be used in fl uid, they can be used to hold workpieces during electric discharge machining.Features• Rigid steel / brass laminated top plate.• High resistance to coolant.• High mechanical rigidityand proven robustness.• 100% water proof.• These chucks have a multi energized magnetic circuit, consisting of a number of adjacent, reversed coils making up a magnetizing core which is small pole pitch.The multiude of exciting windings increases dissipation of electrical energy which becomes magnetic energy, while limiting both temperature rise caused by Joule effect and distortion of the chuck.• Top plate is machinable up to 8 mm.This magnetic chuck shows the common specifications. For the details, please contact us. Optional for any special specification.

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