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Milling Machine Milling Cutters

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Milling machine milling cuttersUsing the characteristics of:1.Milling the pavement by the milling machine will rapidly and efficiently deal with pavement diseases and maintain the pavement flat and smooth.2.Adopting milling process in pavement rebuilding construction can maintain the horizontal height of the original pavement. Milling process can remove the damaged pavement and fill the original area with new material, compacting the new material to the same height with the original height to keep the horizontal height of original pavement, which will protect the bridge from the impulsive load probably generated by pavement load at viaduct or grade separation bridge culvert, and keep the passing height of culvert unchanged.3.Ensure that the old and new pavement materials are well integrated so that to improve the pavement working life. Milling process could keep the side and bottom of packing pit ordered and the depth even to form a dentoid geometric surface easy to be integrated for the old and new materials, thus greatly improve working life of the rebuilt new pavement.Milling machine milling cuttersFeatures:1.Conductive to the recycling of the old pavement materials. Due to the controllable cutting depth, materials milled off is clean and regularly granular, and thus it could be directly used to cover the site or recycling utilized at stationery material yard, which not only greatly decrease the construction cost, but also is a kind of measure to protect the environment.2.To finish the main cutting operation, tool nose material of the milling machine cutter head applies the large-grained carbon tungsten alloy that bonded by mild cobalt metal, hardness is higher than 1400HV, which endows the tool nose a better fracture resistance and wear-resisting property even in high temperature or under strong impact. tool nose is cone with small diameter in top position to guarantee the drilling property while cutting into pavement and reduce the cutting resistance; large diameter at bottom of the tool nose will provide protection for the tool nose itself. The tool nose is connected to shank by the special metal brazing approach with high connection strength, which makes the tool nose durable for bending moment generated by 6-ton force in direction at 45°from shank.Features:1.Upper and lower part of the shank of milling machine cutter head have different mechanical properties, the upper part is required to have high hardness because it will generate friction against the pavement and scraped milling materials, shank at the lower part will be inserted into the tool apron, which is required to have high toughness for bearing the impact during milling process. For these reasons, the shank must have dual properties: wear-resisting property and fracture resistance property. Cutter head withdrawal groove located in the middle, which could pull the cutter head out from tool apron by use of cutter-head removal pincher ( for some of cutter head, if there is no cutter head withdrawal groove, cutter head could be pull out from backside by using the cutter-head punch ). For some of the new type cutter head, the groove is placed at the top of shank to increase the rotation property in the friction process against pavement and prevent eccentric wearing. Product Features:1.Heavy body and collar extend tool life and provide block protection.2. Full sleeve retainer and washer maintain maximum block bore and seat protection.3.Puller groove for easy tool installation and removal.4.Strategically placed carbide ring prevents body wear, maximizing carbide tip use.5.Carbide ring also adds greater block protection if tip is lost6.Full sleeve retainer and washer maintain maximum block bore and seat protectio.7.Full collar provides block protection.8.Long retainer for secure tool retention.

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