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Mineral Water Purification Treatment Machine

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The system is mainly divided into: pre-processing, hollow fiber devices, supporting systems of three parts. The ultrafiltration device as the core equipment, other equipment for its support services.the use of hollow membrane system, with 304 stainless steel frame, famous film membrane components using days, Hangzhou, south of drug wash pump is stainless steel produced multi-stage pumps. Electrical automatic control AC contactor controller, comes with a flow meter, pressure gauge, automatic flush valve and so on.Mineral Water Treatment Equipment 1000LPHCapacity of pure water :1000Liter/hourPower supply: AC220V/AC380V/415V±5% 50Hz/60HzSalt rejection ratio: ≥85%Rated operating pressure: 0.3MpaTemperature of raw water: 1-45℃The requirements and system design basis(1) Source water source: physical and chemical indicators have reached parts of Guangdong Province, standard water purification(2) Raw water quality: test report(3) water production: 1M3 / h (25 ℃)The system specific briefing (1) The system is running: (24 hours) run(2) Water supply: continuous water supply(3) Operation: The system uses interlocking control;Part of the manualDesign range: from the raw water inlet to the water purification equipment, water purification equipment exportsSystem configuration(4) water pretreatment system: by mechanical filters, activated carbon filters, the security filter;(5) fine filter system: the hollow ultrafiltration device consists of:(6) support systems: electrical control system.Water treatment system to set basic requirements for external1 drainage: water supply and auxiliary equipment to the water room, water pressure is greater than 0.2Mpa, water consumption of about 4M3 / h, the room should have a floor drain and drainage ditch.2 power supply: water treatment room to set the total power distribution box, power a total capacity of 1KW;3 plant: Water treatment equipment area is about 5 meters wide and two meters long, the room should be set within the exhaust device, the other by national standards

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