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Miniature Radial Lead Type Aluminium Capacitor For Electronic Ballast

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designed for Electronic Ballast1  Features and advantages of products105℃ 6000~8000hoursMiniature ,large ripple current, high frequency, low ESRRoHS Compliant2  Main technical parameters:Specification:Operating Temperature Range: ≤100V.DC  -55℃~+105℃; 160~450V.DC -40~+105℃Rated Voltage Range: 10~450V.DCCapacitance Tolerance: -20%~+20%Leakage Current(μA): 10~100WV  I≤0.01CV or 3μA whichever is greater C: rated capacitance (μF) V:rated voltage(V)2 minutes reading160~450WV I≤0.02CV +10(μA) whichever is greater C: rated capacitance (μF) V: rated voltage(V)2 minutes readingRated Voltage(V):   10    16    25    35     50    63    80    100   160 Tgδ              0.19  0.16   0.14   0.12   0.10   0.09   0.09   0.09   0.09 Rated Voltage(V):  200     250    350    400      450 Tgδ           0.08    0.08    0.1     0.1      0.12For those with rated capacitance larger than 1000μF, when the rated capacitance is increased by 1000μF, then Tgδ will be increased by 0.023  Usage:long life capacitor radial for LED Light, small size capacitor radial Capacitor for LED Light,20000h LED Light radial electrolytic capacitor,600v Aluminum Capacitor for LED Light,LED Light Miniature Radial Capacitor 135℃ ; LED Light,radial electrolytic capacitor,capacitor radial,radial capacitor, miniature electrolytic capacitors,Miniature Radial Capacitor;4  Contact informationIf you want to know more about Miniature Radial Lead Type Aluminum Capacitor for Electronic Ballast , please contact our sales manager Jack Fang :Email:  jackfang12345@yahoo.comPhone: 86-13163150827Skype: jackfang2016@hotmail.comWhatsApp: 0086-13163150827

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