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Mixing Humidifying And Vacuum Drying Machine

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W3-shaped mixing, humidifying and vacuum drying machineW3 type mixing, humidification, vacuum drying machine is an improved model on the basis of water-contain machine and rotary vacuum dryer.Combined with spray humidifying, mixing, vacuum, drying and a variety of functions integration, this equipment could work under the atmospheric pressure or vacuum state for quite a long time. Because the equipment is integrated with multiple functions, a single machine can solve the work of other multiple devices, thus not only saving the human, venues, transport costs, but also reduce the pollution caused by transportation of material. It is usually aiming for such materials as: material surface coating; easy oxidize materials; the material of crystal is not allowed to be damaged; Materials that the residual volatiles are recycled; materials that are not allowed to contact with the air after adding liquid mixing; Intense stimulation, toxic materials; as well as the materials that are strict for the product purity;It has such characteristics as compact structure, easy to operate, convenient and quick maintain or clean, good mixing or drying effect, etc. It is widely used in: magnetic material, powder metallurgy, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronics, ceramics, such as agricultural products processing industry, which is an ideal equipment. Technical parametersModelgross capacity(L)working volume(L)coefficient of charge(%)main motor power(KW)vacuum pump power(KW)heating power(KW)W3-505020400.551.1  Optional according to material requirementW3-707028401.51.1W3-10010040402.21.1W3-200200804031.1W3-3003001204041.5W3-500500200405.51.5W3-1000100040040112.2W3-1500150060040153W3-200020008004018.53W3-30003000120040224W3-50005000200040305.5W3-10000100004000405511

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