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Mixing Machine

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Overview:WH series mixing machine is a kind of general mixing equipment for powder and granular materials. It has the features such as high efficiency, easy operation and simple cleaning, and is widely used in electronics, ceramics, magnetic materials, rare earth, refractory materials, pesticides, metallurgy and other fields.Working principle:This machine enables materials to move irregularly through turning the packing auger inside the drum when the drum corotates, so as to achieve uniform mixing of granular or powder materials. When discharging, the drum inverses, and materials are guided to be discharged through an internal shoveling plate. Characteristics: With no mechanical extrusion and strong wear, it can maintain complete granular powder; the drum is equipped with packing auger transition with no dead angle, and a shoveling plate moves on the discharging outlet, so it is convenient and clean while discharging. The machine can be used together with a storage bin and vacuum feeder or hoist with weighing module, and several materials can be intermittently or continuously mixed at the same time, to increase output and reduce production costs. Technical parameters ModelWH-500WH-1000WH-2000WH-3000WH-5000WH-10000Volume(L)500100020003000500010000Production capacity(KG) 2505001000150025005000  Mixing time(min)10~2010~2010~2010~2010~2010~20Power(KW)47.511111530

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