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Mj6132 Wood Sliding Panel Saw Machine

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Sliding Table Saw MJ6132 Features:Manual saw blade lifting.0~45 °tilting,Website:http://www.chinawoodmachines.com, angle digital readout.Sliding table with double bars, comb lock.Heavy duty and durable precision carriage.Koerea LG electrical parts (SIEMENS for customized)Pressure deviceSliding table saw with good finish.YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gW9dX_r9Es Technical Parameter      Model Sliding Table Saw MJ6132 Size for Sliding Table3200X415mmMax Cutting Length3200mmMain Saw Blade Dia.ø300mm (ø250-400mm)Height of Cut ø300mm80mmSpeed of Main Saw Blade4500/6000rpmSpindle Dia.30mmTilting Saw Blade45°Main Motor5.5kwScoring Saw Blade120mmSpeed of Scoring Saw Blade8500rpmSpindle of Scoring Saw20mmMotor0.75kw

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