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Mj6132ty Wood Cutting Sliding Panel Saw

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Sliding Table Saw MJ6132TY Features:Wide Sliding Table 435mm with double bars,Website:http://www.chinawoodmachines.com, comb lock.Operation Panel with 1). Electrical saw blade lifting  2). Saw blade tilting 0~45 digital readoutHeavy Duty Working Table & Assistant TableHeavy duty stable carriage: make sure working precisionSaw units, strong structure, similar to Altendor WA8 Main Technical ParameterModelMJ6132TYSize of Sliding Table3200mm x435mmMax cutting length3200mmMain Saw Blade DiameterΦ300mmCutting Thickness Φ300mm80mmMain Spindle DiameterΦ30mmSpeed of Main Saw Blade4500/6000rpmTilting Saw Blade0-45°Main Motor5.5kwScoring Saw Blade DiameterΦ120mmScoring Spindle DiameterΦ20mmSpeed of Scoring Saw Blade8500rpmScoring Motor1.1kw

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