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Mmo Mesh Ribbon Anode

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Equipped with professional factory, Taijin Industrial is the biggest China manufacturer, supplier and producer of mmo mesh ribbon anode. Our company can offer you corrpro vendor titanium mesh ribbon, ribbon mesh, conductor bar at competitive price. TAIJIN MESH RIBBON ANODES FORCATHODIC PROTECTION OF REINFORCED CONCRETETAIJIN Mesh Ribbon Anodes are a key component for Cathodic Protection systems in new reinforced concrete structures. It is composed of a precious metal oxide catalyst sintered onto an expanded titanium mesh substrate. TAIJIN Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) Mesh Ribbon is a durable anode designed for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection systems of steel structures and steel reinforcement concrete. The MMO coating, with industrially proven lifetime characteristics, ensures an even current distribution.1.SubstrateTitanium ASTM B 265 Grade I / II 2.Coating : IrO2/Ta2O53.Quality Certificate3rd Test Certificate from Det Norske Veritas (U.S.A.), Inc. Under the standard of MMO Mesh Ribbon-NACE TM0294-2007.4.SpecificationOther specification can be available as client's requirement. width (mm) length (m) thickness (mm) Current Rating (ma/m) surface area (m2) mesh dimension (mm) Life (year) 10 76 1.30 2.8 1.85 2.5x4.5 x0.6 75 13 76 1.30 3.5 2.4 2.5x4.5 x0.6 75 19 76 1.30 5.28 3.6 2.5x4.5 x0.6 75 1220 76 1.980 37.7 92.9 25x50 x0.89 75 1220 76 1.980 24.3 92.9 34x76x0.89 75 5.Accelerated Life1mol/L Na2SO4, current density 15000A/m2,Test standard: NACE TM0294-2007Test Result: 50 hours    6.Typical Applications•Reinforced concrete, •Bridge, •Pier flood-control embankment7.Advantages•Lightweight and unbreakable•Electrical connection fully encapsulated in resin•Connection resistance is less than 0.001 OHMS•Fine petroleum coke used to ensure efficient current distribution from anode•Lower cost than 7.65 cm x 153 cm silicon iron anodes•Flexible•Dimensionally stable

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