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Mmo Ribbon Anode

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Shaanxi Elade New Material Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China mmo ribbon anode manufacturers, and with professional factory we are able to provide you cheap mmo ribbon anode, ribbon anode, mmo ribbon mesh anode, mmo titanium ribbon anode, mmo titanium mesh ribbon anode with good quality. Welcome to wholesale products from us.The anodes are composed of titanium ribbon substrate coated with a mixed metal oxide catalyst. The anodes can achieve 50 years life in a current density of 17mA/m. The mixed metal oxide anodes are designed for protecting the bottoms of many large-scale storage tanks. They can be used in sands with various levels of moisture and salt contents without any carbon filling materials.MMO meshes or ribbons were welded together by metal titanium current distribution member as impressed-current anodes in storage tanks’ bottoms for cathodic protection system.Chemical Composition:SubstrateCatalystASTM B265Gr1 or Gr2Mixed Metal OxideParameter:Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Length (m)Current Output (mA/m)Expected Life (Year)6.350.63510017506.350.635100435012.70.6351008650 Titanium Substrate: Meet ASTM STANDARD B265 GRADE1 OR 2Applications:Fine sand environments;Working environment evolution of O2, Cl2 or a combination of both;Usually used for above ground storage tanks bottoms and reinforced concrete structures.

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