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Mo Powder

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Molybdenum powder is an important inorganic minerals. From geological point of view, molybdenum powder is a natural mineral earth's crust. Molybdenum powder deposit There are three types: limestone, chalk and marble.Due to the above special properties, molybdenum powder application development faster, it has been widely used in industrial and agricultural areas, such as rubber, plastics, paper, coatings, paints, inks, cables, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, feed, food, sugar, textiles , glass, ceramics, sanitary products, sealants, adhesives, pesticides and pesticide carrier and flue desulphurization, water treatment and other environmental aspects. Lightweight molybdenum powder molybdenum powder use and overlap are also different, mainly used in paper, plastics, synthetic rubber, food, food colorants, pharmaceuticals, adhesives and hygiene supplies. In recent years, because of the information talked about light molybdenum powder can enhance the performance of certain materials, so its use has increased.

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