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Mobile Trailer Generator

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Product Description
MPMC Powertech Corp is one of the top level China mobile trailer generator manufacturers and suppliers, we export mobile trailer generator for industrial use, construction, highway, mining, military, telecommunication, banking, data center, oilfield, hospital, rental, harbor, and exhibition, welcome to buy cheap trailer generator, mobile trailer genset in China, and for sale from us. Description: MPMC Trailer type generators are designed based on soundproof generators, the greatest advantage is easy to move, hang decoupling can drag to any construction site, waterproof, dustproof, specially designed for the road transport damping performance, good ventilation, high-strength structural design, can challenge a variety of harsh construction environment Features: 1. Steel plate spring or rubber torsion axle suspension system equipped with mechanic hand breaking and trailer sync air braking system contacted with tractor. 2. The height adjustable traction rod is optional, suitable for different trucks. 3. Equipped with direction indicator light, braking light. 4. The whole trailer can be lifted from the top-lifting handle.  5. Integrated design, lower center of gravity height, to ensure smooth transportation process, configuration fender, improve protective. 6. Great adaptability to different road conditions.

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