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Modified Ptfe Sheet Off-white

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Product Description
Modified  PTFE is a gasket material with a virgin PTFE base to which a substance is added  during manufacture to improve the sealing characteristics of PTFE. This  "filler" usually is glass or graphite particles although ceramics has  sometimes been used. The resulting gasket material is strong, yet highly  compressible with very good, though not universal, chemical resistance.Modified    PTFE Sheet Data Sheet-Barium SulfateColorPinkComposition                      PTFE   with Barium SulfateTemperature  from   -260°C to + 260°CPressure  Max bar80Sealability  ASTM Fuel A ml/hr      (ASTM  F37B)30.04Compressibility  Range      (ASTM  F36) %4-10Recovery %      (ASTM  F36)                                                  >40Tensile Strength      (ASTM D1708)(N/mm2)14

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