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Molybdenum Bar

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Baoji Refractory Metal Developer Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China molybdenum bar manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, and as a professional company we have productive factory, welcome to wholesale molybdenum bar, molybdenum rod products from us. ²Chemical Composition:BrandMo ImpuritiesEach Element ContentAdding elementsMo1≥99.95≤0.05≤0.01—RMo1≥99.94≤0.06≤0.02—MoTi0.5Zr0.1(TZM)≥99.20≤0.11≤0.08Ti 0.40~0.55Zr 0.06~0.12C 0.01~0.04Mo3G≥99.33≤0.07≤0.01La 0.20~0.60²Specification:DescriptionDiameter (mm)Length (mm)Rod       Φ0.800~Φ12.00            50~5000Bar       Φ12.00~Φ20.00            50~3000       Φ20.00~Φ30.00            50~3000       Φ30.00~Φ60.00            50~2000       Φ60.00~Φ70.00            50~2000       >Φ70.00            50~1500Note:All the products can be supplied in according to customer’s requirement.                                        ²Range of use:Molybdenum bar is high quality raw   —Hook of the lamp                             —Core of the lamp filament   —Grid for the vacuum tube                        —Leader,supporter of the lamp   —Heater for the high temperature furnace         —Electrode   —Making strip                                     —Heaters   —Heatproof parts   —Tools for electric vacuum instruments and other tools of the lamp ²Surface finish:   —Black surface      —Polished surface     —Grinded surface ²Tolerance: Diameter(mm) Tolerance(mm)Black Polishing      Φ0.4~Φ0.6 ±0.1±0.03    >Φ0.6~Φ2.5 ±0.15±0.05    >Φ2.5~Φ5.0 ±0.2±0.10>Φ5.0~Φ8.0 ±0.40±0.30    >Φ8.0~Φ16 ±0.60±0.50    >Φ16~Φ25±0.8±0.70    >Φ25~Φ45 ±1.5±1.0    >Φ45~Φ55 ±2.0±1.5    >Φ55~Φ60±2.0±1.5    >Φ60~Φ70±2.0±1.5    >Φ70~Φ75±2.0±1.5    >Φ75~Φ85±3.0±2.0    >Φ85~Φ90±2.0±2.0    >Φ90~Φ100±2.0±2.0    >Φ100~Φ120±4.0±3.0 Note:Special demands on tolerance available.

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