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Molybdenum Boat

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With molybdenum boat for sale, it is one of the most brilliant China molybdenum boat manufacturers, welcome to buy and wholesale molybdenum evaporation boat and check the price of it with our factory.  Molybdenum   Boat                          Advantage:High melting point, low thermal expansion rate , high heat conductivity ,low vapor pressures ,excellent corrosion resistance, ApplicationAll molybdenum advantages are determined it`s one of the best choice for evaporation industryIt also be used in high furnace industry as a sintering boatProduction capacity:  All kinds of molybdenum boat can be produced according to customers drawing   Chemical Component Mark Molybdenum content Total Impurity content Individual element content Mo1 ≥99.95% ≤0.05% ≤0.01%   Processing Technology; Powder Isostatic pressing Sintering  Forging -  Heat Treatment Processing Testing With 20 years’ experience and thousands of product developments, we perfectly understand the behavior and capabilities of tungsten and it’s alloys.

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