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Molybdenum Boat

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Baoji Refractory Metal Developer Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China molybdenum boat manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, and as a professional company we have productive factory, welcome to wholesale molybdenum boat products from us.² Chemical Composition:BrandMo ImpuritiesEach Element ContentAdding elementsMo1≥99.95≤0.05≤0.01—RMo1≥99.94≤0.06≤0.02—TZM≥99.20≤0.11≤0.08Ti:0.40~0.55;Zr:0.06~0.12;C:0.01~0.04Mo3G≥99.33≤0.07≤0.01La 0.20~0.60 ² Products Properties:   —High melting point—2610℃                            —High boiling Point—5560℃                      —High-density —10.2 g/cm3                              —Uniform grain with densified microstructure  —Excellent resistance to electrochemical corrosion               —Low coefficient of thermal expansion  —Good electrical conductivity ² Range of use:—Widely used in Metalizing, Electron-beam Spraying as well as sintering annealing in reducing atmosphere in electronics, military and light industries —Used to evaporate small lengths of wire or to evaporate materials which would not properly "wet" the surface of an evaporation filament. —Ideal for use in small evaporation systems, such as bell jars, for experimental and prototype work.—Used for the vacuum evaporation of materials that are in granular or pellet form.

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