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Molybdenum Crucible

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Baoji Refractory Metal Developer Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China molybdenum crucible manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, and as a professional company we have productive factory, welcome to wholesale molybdenum crucible products from us.² Chemical Composition:BrandMo ImpuritiesEach Element ContentAdding elementsMo1≥99.95≤0.05≤0.01—RMo1≥99.94≤0.06≤0.02—TZM≥99.20≤0.11≤0.08Ti:0.40~0.55;Zr:0.06~0.12;C:0.01~0.04Mo3G≥99.33≤0.07≤0.01La 0.20~0.60² Products Properties:   —High melting point—2610℃                            —High boiling Point—5560℃                      —High-density —10.2 g/cm3                               —Uniform grain with densified microstructure  —Excellent resistance to electrochemical corrosion               —Low coefficient of thermal expansion  —Good electrical conductivity ² Range of use:—Molybdenum crucible is widely applied in high temperature vacuum furnace melting environment such as sapphire growing furnace,quartz glass melting furnace,and rare earth melting furnace.The working temperature of tungsten crucible is above 2000℃.—For sapphire crystal growing furnace,high-purity,high-density,no crack tungsten crucible with other features of exact measurement and smooth surface has decisive influence on the success of crystal growth,quality control of pulling crystal,discharging and service life during sapphire growing process. ² Specification:Delivery conditionSpecificationToleranceThickness(mm)Roughness(μm)Diameter(mm)Height(mm)Diameter(mm)Height(mm)Sintering10~50010~750±3.0±3.08~20Final Finished10~45010~550±0.5±1.07~18<3.2Note:Special sizes can be manufactured based on customers' requirements ² Manufacturing process and equipment: ItemProcessEquipmentQuality Check1Powder purifiedPurified furnaceGDMS2Isostatic pressingIsostatic pressing machineMeasurement of rough-processed3IF forgingHigh-accuracy forging machineDimension measurements for product4IF sinteringHigh temperature vacuum sintering furnaceDimension measurements for product5Final machiningHigh-accuracy turning machineSurface quality/ roughness and density6PackageQuality Test Report² Advantage of Tungsten crucibles :—Specially precise forming technology for tungsten crucible body—Uniform grain with densified microstructure ensures longer life time—Ready for use parts with precise machining tolerance1.

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