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Molybdenum Plate

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Baoji Zhipu Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Co.,Ltd is one of the most famous China molybdenum plate manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to wholesale cheap molybdenum sheet products from our company and factory. Product information: Product name Molybdenum plate, High temperature molybdenum plates Grade Mo1、Mo2、TZM Purity W≥99.95% Standard GB/T 3876-83 Specification (unit:mm) Thickness Maximum width Maximum length 0.10-0.19 450 1000 0.2-1.9 750 2000 2.0-5.9 600 2000 6.0-11.9 600 1500 12.0-25.0 600 600 Delivery Condition Cold rolled(Y) , Hot rolled(R) , Stree relief annealing(M) Process Powder metallurgy Technological process Molybdenum billet (raw materials) - inspection - hot - leveling and annealing - alkaline cleaning - inspection - provenzano - vacuum annealing - cold rolled - leveling - shear vacuum annealing - inspection - packing. Uses They aed widely used in electronise,lightening industries,henting bodies and heat shields of electrovacuum,molybdenum boats,molybdenum crucibles and others.

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