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Molybdenum Sheet

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Product Description
With molybdenum sheet for sale, it is one of the most brilliant China molybdenum sheet manufacturers, welcome to buy and wholesale molybdenum sheet and check the price of it with our factory. Molybdenum Plate                        Advantages:High density, High purity, high melting point, excellent high temperature creep resistanceApplicationSuitable for producing ion implantation parts; Producing for heating elements and electric vacuum components;  Applied in the production of cover board of sapphire crystal-growing furnace   Heating belt for connecting parts of vacuum furnace   Sputtering target material and tungsten boat for plasma coating   High temperature containers  Production capacity: Surface Thickness( δ)Tolerance of thickness(mm)Width(mm) Tolerance of width(mm)   length(mm)Tolerance of length(mm)Roughness(μm)Rolling1~30±0.05~±0.5 10~300±0.2~±0.510~2000±0.2~±0.5Ra≤3.2 Turning10~40±0.05~±0.1 10~300 ±0.1~±0.510~500±0.1~±0.5Ra≤1.6 Burnishing10~40 ±0.05~±0.1 10~800 ±0.05~±0.210~1000 ±0.05~±0.2Ra≤0.8

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