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Molybdenum Wire

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Product Description
As one of the professional China molybdenum wire manufacturers and suppliers, Hanz Material Technology is able to supply you with high quality 0.18mm molybdenum wire, 0.20 edm molybdenum wire, pure molybdenum wire, edm molybdenum wire 0.25mm . Welcome to make contact with us.Applications: For wire cutting machineFor producing electric light source parts and electric vaccum componentsFor producing heating elements and refractory parts in high temperature furnacesFor spraying wear and tear parts of automobile and other machine to enhance their wearabilityLa2O3 or Y2O3 doped Refractory Mo-wire are availableAppearance:  Mo-wire is regular black covered with graphite. After graphite is removed it is metallic luster.Chemical Composition:Mo ContentTotal Content of Other ElementsEach Element Content≥99.95%≤0.05%≤0.01% The standard diameter and tolerance of Mo-wire:Diameter(μm)Weight(mg/200mm)Weight(mg/200mm) tolerance(%)Diameter tolerance(%)Grade 1Grade 2Grade 1Grade 220≤d

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