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Monel 400 Rod And Bar

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Product Description

Heanjia Super Metals Co. Ltd offers the resistance to corrosion monel 400 rod comprised of extensively high resistance to hydrofluoric acid in the whole magnitudes to the boiling temperature. It offers very high resistance to the fluoride gas medium, hydrofluoric acid and concentrated alkali and neutral solution, sea water, air gases and organic compounds.


Characteristics of Monel 400 

  • Superior resistance to seawater, stress corrosion cracking, fluoride gas, dehydrated hydrofluoric acids, alkaline salt and neutral solutions
  • Resistance to air gases and heat at the elevated temperatures.
  • Retain Excellent mechanical properties at ambient temperatures


Applications of Monel 400 

  • Sea water swapper and evaporator
  • Production of hydrochloric acid systems used in manufacturing pump and valve.
  • Used in the sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid conditions.
  • Crude distillation
  • Nuclear plants

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