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Monel K500 Round Bar And Rod

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Product Description

Heanjia Super Metals Co., Ltd provides the Monel K-500 round bar that is basically a nickel and copper alloy that imparts superior resistance to corrosion and large strength and toughness. Its range of applications includes chain, cable, fasteners and spring in the sea applications, pump and valve components for the chemical treatment, medical blades


Characteristics of Monel K500 

  1. Superior resistance to corrosion
  2. High strength and nonmagnetic
  3. More efficient towards stress corrosion cracking and more tensile strength than Monel 400 strip.
  4. Retains ductility and toughness up to 400ºF.
  5. Resistant to sour gas environment
  6. High potential for marine operations.


Applications of Monel K500:

1. Pump Shafts, Fasteners, Marine Propeller Shafts

2. Oil Well Tools, Instruments, Springs

3. Sour-gas service applications

4. Oil and gas production safety lifts and valves

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