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Monel Sheet

Product Description

Monel Sheet has a greater tendency toward stress-corrosion cracking in some conditions than Monel 400 alloy Sheet. The strength of this nickel Copper alloy is maintained to 1200ºF but stays ductile and tough down to temperatures of 400ºF.

Monel Sheet offers higher tendency to the stress corrosion cracking, improved tensile strength and yield strength rather than Monel k500 sheet. It maintains large potential and ductile nature at temperatures even lower than 400oF.

The resistance to corrosion Monel Sheet/Strip offers intense resistance to the sour gas, hydrogen sulfide solutions in the acidic and basic mediums.  The permutation of nominal corrosion rate in the fast moving sea water and high potential makes Monel K500 sheet best for the production of sea water operation components.

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