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Monster Diamond Tears Edge On-ear Headphones Black

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Monster Diamond Tears Edge On-Ear Headphones BlackMonster Diamond Tears headphones use separate wire design,incorporating the effect is more clean,avoid wire inadvertently scratched the surface of the transparent ears,Both sides of the bottom of the ear shell interface to select the access to either side,left and right side of the outlet as you wish,Diamond Tears myself well versed in music alone,unique features make the headsets is no longer limited to one person in the world,Output functions are provided on both sides of the interface,you can draw a line from the interface common to listen to a pair of headphones,Nestling in the other half around,let the music take you past memories ups and downs,with fever started Monster cable,Diamond Tears wire design must be professional,silver wire wrapped to give soft material,not easy winding is also very tough,Headphones with 3 kinds of wire with different front-end for your equipment,two kinds of apples and universal remote control devices respectively.Andrews A version without remote control,Tungsten Jin Guangze surface inlaid"diamond"decoration,also showing the noble colors.

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