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Moso Bamboo Poles

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MOSO BAMBOO POLESPhyllostachys pubescens have a beautiful yellow color, pronounced nodes,all hollow, usually very straight with a gradual taper.and a very smooth texture,can be incorporated into unique design elements. Here we bleach them,do treatment of avoid insect, erosion. Sizes can be ranging from 40cm to 600cm or above in lengths with different diameters that best suits the needs of various customers.Production:For the poles,we have diameter 15-20mm,20-22mm,22-24mm,24-26mm,26-28mm,28-30mm,30-35mm,35-40mm,40-45mm,50-55mm,60-70mm,70-80mm,80-90mm,90-100mm,100-120mm,120-140mm,140-160mm,160-180mm,180-200mm for salesFor fence,we have 14-16mm,18-22mm(3/4 inch),25-28mm(1 inch),30-35mm,40-45mm for sales,the length and width can be customized.Dyed Bamboo PolesColored bamboo - mahogany, black, brown, green and much moreCarbonized Bamboo polesBamboo slats Bamboo Slats add flare to walls, ceilings, wainscoting and more. Our slats can be used to border or trim bamboo paneling or matting.Our bamboo slats are available in black, mahogany and natural,carbonized

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