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Motor Alnico Magnet

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Motor Alnico MagnetMotor AlNiCo magnet is a alloy composed by Al, Ni, Co, Fe and other little metal elements, including Sintered AlNiCo and Cast AlNiCo.Casting process can make into AlNiCo with different sizes and shapes; sintered products are limited to small size and lower property, while its dimension tolerance and machinability are betterThe advantages of the AlNiCo magnet are its high remanence and low temperature coefficient which is 1.35T and -0.02%/℃.And the maximum working temperature can reach to 520℃ or so. The disadvantages are .But the AlNiCo magnet has a very low coercive force (Hcb) and nolinear demagnetizing curve. So, though AlNiCo magnet is easy to be magnetized, it is also easy to be demagnetizedThere are two different manufacturer process for Alnico:Cast and Sintered.Alnico Magnet Characteristics are as follows:GradeBrHc(BH)maxCurie tempWork tempmT GSka/m OEkj/m3 MGOeLN10600/600040/50010.00/1.20810450LNG12700/700044/55012.00/1.50810450LNG13680/680048/60013.00/1.63810450LNG18900/900048/6001800/2.25850450LNG371200/1200048/60037.00/4.63860525LNG401250/1250048/60040.00/5.00860525LNG441250/1250052/65044.00/5.50860525LNG521300/1300056/70052.00/6.5860525LNG601330/1330060/75060.00/7.5860525LNGT18580/580090/113018.00/2.25860550LNGT301100/1100056/70030.00/3.75860550LNGT32800/8000100/125032.00/4.00860550LNGT38800/8000110/138038.00/4.75860550LNGT44850/8500120/150040.00/5.5860550LNGT48900/9000120/150048.00/6.00860550The information of Motor Alnico Magnet are as follows:Size:By customizedShape:Block, Cylinder,Ring, Arc, Bar or customizedDelivery time:25-30 daysPackage:33X26X23CM Standard export packge

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