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Motor Laser Cutting Safe

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Product Description
Motorlaser cutting safe1 Model: EM254A Generaldescription: Dimensions: H254*W361*D250mm Doorthickness:8mm Bodythickness:4mm Weight:19.0kg Details: Be constructed of high quality steel which offers high security protection has an Intelligent electronic lock has a Thick steel door with laser cutting betweem door and frame Hascarbonitrided steel lock protection plate inside has Outside sockets for connecting battery box has Three-way locking bolts with diameter 20mm With mechanical override keys to open the safe in the case of emergency Seriesproducts:   modelshelfexternal size(mm)packing size(mm)thickness (mm)approx. weight (kg)20'FCL (pcs)H*W*DH*W*DdoorbodyEM254A1254*361*250320*420*3108419.0707EM254B1254*361*185320*420*3108416.0896

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