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Motorhead Assembly

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Xi'an ZZ Top Oil Tools Co.,Ltd is one of the top level motorhead assembly manufacturers and suppliers, with professional factory, we are able to produce API and oilfield motorhead assembly, welcome to contact us.1.IntroductionMotor head assembly is the compact assembly used in the coiled tubing operations, which assembles the double flapper check valve, hydraulic safety sub and dual function circulating valve, and will be easy for operation at the well site2.Feature and benefits*Reduced the tool string length.*Easy and quick connection at the well site*Double flapper valve to control the liquid backflow*Hydraulic safety sub to make sure emergency disconnection*Setting up circulation channel by dropping ball & pressuring and breaking the rupture disc.*Cost effective3.ApplicationStandard coiled tubing operationsImpact deck operationsSpecification(in)Make up Length(mm)W.P. Of Rupture disc1.500470.01000 psi2000psi3000psi3500psi4000psi4500psi5000psi1.750470.02.00533.02.125533.2.250574.03.125682.0

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