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Joyelectric International is a professional China motorized chassis distributor and agent among those well-known such manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to order motorized chassis products from our factory and company.DJ-DD02A Series of Motorized ChassisPerformance introduction:DJ-DD02A series is second-generation motorized chassis that developed by our company. It adopts high-precision ball screw rod and modular integral gear motor. Its characteristics include high precision, low noise, no need to switch between manual and motorized operation and can be operated directly, meanwhile, it has all functions of basic chassis. Product characteristics:1. Good generality. The overall and installation dimensions are same as that of common manual chassis.2. Using high-precision ball screw rod to replace original aluminum screw rod, which make chassis is stable as moving in and out, and nearly no clearance during transmission. The ball screw rod has small movement resistance, high accuracy and high bearing capacity. It solves the problem that when pushing VCB of high current into a switchgear, the chassis may be distort due to low intensity of screw rod.3. Using modular integral gear motor to replace original chain transmission, which makes motor driving torque increased, so that solves problem of chain loosened or fractured.4. Motorized and manual operation adopts two independent systems during working. It means that screw nut works as motorized operation and screw rod works as manual operation. It will not happened that personal injury caused by manual misoperation during motorized operation. It needn’t to switch between manual and motorized operation, can be operated directly.5. No matter under normal condition or locked rotor happens during motorized operation, chassis can be operated by manual conveniently. The following conditions will not happen: chain of motorized chassis is fracture or loose; as switching between manual and motorized operation, the clutch doesn’t trip; chassis can not be operated as its motorized transmission part is damaged or stuck.  Overall dimension: TypeABCDEFDJ-DD02A-650500450410385502535DJ-DD02A-800650600560520652685DJ-DD02A-10008508001760720852885 Main technical specification:1. Motor power: switchgear of 800mm width and below 200W  switchgear of 1000mm width and below 250W2. Rated voltage: DC220V or DC110V3. Rated rotate speed: 60 rpm4. Rated current: 0.9A5. Max. peak current: DC220V ≤2.5A  DC110V≤4.0A6. Max. pushing force: 200W ≤4500N    250W≤6500N7. Mechanical life: >3000 times If you would like a quotation or further information on the products, please fill in the form below and we will reply to you within 1 working day. Thank you for your interest to our products.

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