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Multi-turn Parallel Npn Absolute Encoder

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Weihai IDENCODER Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the leading multi-turn parallel npn absolute encoder manufacturers and suppliers, equipped with one of the famous brands, welcome to buy our customized bulk multi-turn encoder, npn encoder in stock and you are also welcomed to check the price, pricelist or the quotation with our factory. Description of Products: 1. The flange form is clamping flange2. Screw hole card slot installation3. Key body dimension is 58mm4. Diameter of axle is 10mm;5. Side-out cable;6. Multi-loop Absolute form7. Resolution is 328. Single-loop resolution is 20489. Output code system is Gray Code10. Working voltage is 8-29V11. Parallel push-pull negative logic output Central equipment applies for multi-loop parallel encoder, becoming tired-and-true after many central equipment plants' application, reliable in performance. 1. Stainless steel housing, anti-corrosion, anti-interference, high reliability.2. 32 circles, 2048 resolution ratio, selectable in number of turns and resolutions.3. Varies of working voltages are selectable.4. Binary system code5. NPN collector output6. Level of protection: IP65 Environmental Parameter Operating Temperature -10~60℃ Relative Humidity 30~85%RH(No Condensation) Level of Protection IP65 Electric Parameter Supply Voltage 5V,12V,24V or 8~29V Mechanical Parameter Maximum permissible Revolution 5000r/min Impact Resistance GB/T 2423.5-1995 100g,6ms Vibration Resistance GB/T 2423.10-1995 10g,10~500Hz Starting Torque 5.0×10-2N·m Maximum Axial Loading Axial 80N Radial 40N Rotational Inertia 9×10-6kg·m2 Permissible Angular Acceleration 1×104rad/s

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