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Multicycle Circulating Valve

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Xi'an ZZ Top Oil Tools Co.,Ltd is one of the top level multicycle circulating valve manufacturers and suppliers, with professional factory, we are able to produce API and oilfield omni valve, dst multicycle circulating valve, well testing multicycle circulating valve, welcome to contact us. Briefly Introduce:   OMNI circulating valve is a full opening, annulus pressure-operated re-closable circulating valve which can be open and closed many times. The tool is operated by repeatedly cycling the annulus pressure up to a predetermined value and then releasing this pressure. OMIN Vale is acceptable for the full-opening formation testing in cased hole, oil tube tradition perforation, tube string testing and cycle operation in the conjunction of perforation and full-opening formation testing. It overcomes the shortcomings of some other circulating valve, at a certain position, can use the annulus pressure to operate other tools many times and there is no influence upon the OMNI circulating valve. Because of the ability of opening and closing the well many times, it can carry on acidification and fracturing etc. other well stimulations in the end of the full-opening formation test. Using the valve can make the test program simple and reduce the reconnoitering cost greatly. Structure The Repetitious valve consists of a nitrogen section, an oil system, a circulating valve, and a ball valve. The nitrogen section contains the nitrogen gas that counter balances the hydrostatic and annulus pressures. Specification   Size/in OD/        mm ID/  mm           Working pressure  / Mpa Service  environment Working  temperature Connection 3 7/8” 98.5 45 70 105 Mud, Crude Oil,  Natural gas with  H2S and acid --29oC ~ +204oC EUE IF CAS      5" 127.5 57

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