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Multiple Effect Protection Wallpaper Primer

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Tongxiang Garefu Industrial Co.,Ltd a multiple effect protection wallpaper primer company equipped with professional factory, is one of the leading China multiple effect protection wallpaper primer manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to buy cheap or wholesale products from us.This product is multi-functional primer, suit for a variety wall. It has thick film thickness, high hardness and waterproof. While, it can form one protective film on the surface of wall and inner of wall, effective protect the wall and wallpaper. After brushing, it can effectively protect the wall base, avoid the water and alkaline extravasating, anti-mildew, guarantee the wallpaper performance quality and extend the life of wallpaper. Addtionally, the product has natural bamboo charcoal factor, which has strong suction force to clean the air. ---------Apply for the types of wall (with putty, or having porous, or with mixed mortar, or mortar wall).specification:1L

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