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Mushroom Jet

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Product Description
ModelSpecification (Millimeter)Specification (Inch)Working    pressure (Mpa/10)Water spray (m3/h) Spray height(m) Surface coverage Diameter (m)BQ -1515G1/20.06~0.090.7~0.80.3~0.4 0.3~0.4 BQ-2020G3/40.06~0.080.8~1.20.3~0.40.3~0.6BQ-2525G10,06~0.081.0~2.00.3~0.50.4~0.8BQ-4040G1-1/20.06~0.081.5~2.50.3~0.50.4~1.2BQ-5050G20.06~0.082.5~3.50.4~0.60.6~1.2DescriptionThis Mushroom Jet nozsle produces a glass clear hemisphere sheet of water, it is ideal for indoor fountain in wind free environment, like hotel, restuarent and park.This kind of nozzle is making a quiet effection with a nice aesthetic appearance.

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