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Compressed Air Chain Hoist

Product Description

MX-JM-3t air chain hoists have extremely fast and uniquely adjustable lifting and lowering speeds. Our customers are willing to order our 3t air chain hoists as their lifting tools, because they are small in size, but high in performance.

    3t small frame air chain hoists are suitable in mining ,shipyard and so on. These hoists are ideal for the harsh environments found in steel mills, foundries and electroplating operations. Your application may require the air hoist to have spark resist ant features such as stainless steel hooks, stainless steel chain. Other items you need to consider when choosing an Air Chain Hoist is hoist Speed, Lift (length of chain), Suspension (Hook, Push Trolley, Motorized Trolley), Pendant station or Pull-Cord Controlled. You can be confident that any hoist you buy from our manufacturers will meet or exceed the standards and will provide years of service.Small frame air chain hoists can be used in assembly line.


    1.frequent switching and extended duty cycles

    2.wear resistant motor braking system

    3.few components only for easiest maintenance

    4.Pendant or pull chain control responds immediately to operator's commands.

    5.Spark Resistant Features

    6.Infinitely Variable Speed Control

    7.Superior starting torque compared to vane motors. Excellent proportional control allows precision placement of loads. Robust design thrives in severe environments.

    8.Motor and gearing provides faster lift speeds with low air consumption.

    9.planetary gear in long life grease lubrication, all teeth made of tempered or hardened high grade steel .

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