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N-butyl Acetate

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Henan GP Chemicals Co.,Ltd is one of the leading n-butyl acetate suppliers and also a professional such manufacturer in China, welcome to buy bulk n-butyl acetate from our factory.Email : lisa@gpcchem.comButyl ;acetate ;Product ;nameButyl ;acetate ;(BTAC)CAS ;No.123-86-4UN ;No.1123/3-PG ;2ENS ;No.SpecificationsSpec Item ;Purity 99.5%minMoisture 0.05%maxAcid(as ;acetic ;acid): 0.01%maxn-Butanol 0.2%maxColor(Pt-Co): 10maxResidue ;on ;ignition ;: ; 0.005%maxUse ;/ ;Applicationn-Butyl ;acetate ;is ;used ;as ;solvent ;in ;coating, ;lacquer, ;printing ;ink, ;adhesive, ;leatheroid, ;nitrocellulose, ;etc.It ;is ;the ;solvent ;of ;some ;cosmetics, ;acting ;as ;medium ;boiling ;solvent ;of ;nail ;polishes ;to ;dissolve ;the ;epithelium ;forming ;agents, ;like: ;nitrocellulose, ;acrylate ;and ;alkyd ;resins. ;It ;also ;can ;be ;used ;to ;prepare ;the ;remover ;of ;nail ;polishes. ;It ;is ;often ;mixed ;with ;ethyl ;acetate ;while ;in ;use.It ;is ;also ;applied ;to ;prepare ;perfume. ;It ;appears ;in ;the ;recipes ;of ;apricot, ;banana, ;pear ;and ;pineapple ;essences.In ;petroleum ;refining ;and ;pharmaceutical ;industry, ;it ;is ;used ;as ;extractant, ;especially ;the ;extractant ;of ;some ;antibiotics.n-Butyl ;acetate ;is ;an ;azeotrope ;former ;with ;good ;ability ;to ;carry ;water. ;It ;is ;often ;used ;to ;condense ;some ;weak ;solution ;to ;reduce ;energy ;consumption.n-Butyl ;acetate ;also ;can ;be ;used ;as ;analytical ;reagent ;verify ;thallium, ;stannum ;and ;tungsten, ;and ;determine ;molybdenum ;and ;rhenium.Packing200KG ;drums/ ;20-21mt ;iso ;tankPacking ;picture

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